05 Apr

5 Day Drawing Challenge – Kitchen

Drawing and creativity is one thing that we can certainly keep doing while stuck at home.

I am finding it a little hard to keep the drawings and ideas coming so I have set a little challenge for myself and maybe you would like to join in!

So it’s very simple – there is a topic for each day with five days in total

You can draw with whatever you have to hand – including pens, pencils, crayons, twistables, paint, markers, colouring pencils, chalk, watercolours, charcoal, oil pastels…

This would be a great project for a sketchbook but any kind of plain paper will work







The five prompts are

Day 1 – Fruit

Day 2 – Something in a jar

Day 3 – Favourite Dinner

Day 4 – Kitchen implement

Day 5 – Dessert

When you have done your drawings – I would love to see them! You can share them in the comments of daily posts Blue Pebble Workshops facebook post